Friday, June 24, 2011

Pink Saturday

Hi Blogerettes! It's once again time for Pink Saturday,and I am joining in with Beverly of Today, I want to talk about playhouses. I've never had one as a kid, but I always wished I could have had a treehouse.

It seems the little girls today, can have their own little playhouse in their yards. Here are just some examples of how you can decorate them.

Check out these dishes for a little girl. They look like real depression glass!

This is a beautiful little victorian house, you can build from a kit. It only costs $3,115.00!

Here is a sweet little bed for relaxing and reading.

Love this little pink and green one!

I want these in big girls sizes!

Isn't this floor adorable? I love it!!

They didn't have cute stuff like this when I was little. I had a metal stove and fridge, that was just about a foot high.

I want one of these too! In a big girl size!

It must be so fun to decorate one of these.

This one even has a loft!

Well, I hope you enjoyed visiting some sweet little houses with me today, now be sure and go to Beverly's for some more pink fun!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Creative Gardening

Hi Bloggerettes! Come take a walk down a pretty garden path, and I will share some creative gardening ideas! It's always fun to come up with new things to plant our flowers in, and creative ideas for the garden.( Click on photos to enlarge) Have a chair you no longer want, or maybe you might find one at curbside someplace. Take that baby, paint it up, and plant some flowers in it.

You can get some chicken wire, and nail it to the underside bottom of your chair. Line it with a coconut shell liner, (you can find them in Lowes or home depot, or garden center) Fill it with soil and plant your plants!

I like this idea! An old ladder has a new purpose. Decorate it with birdhouses, old gardening tools, whatever suits your fancy.

This is really a cool bed of flowers! I wish I could find one of these curbside, to stick in my garden.

How about some vintage wine boxes!

An old galvanzied tub. Now how cool is that?

This is one of the coolest ideas I have seen yet. I found this over at Carol's of She is calling it the Dirty Dishes Fountain. I love this! I plan on making one. Read about how to do it here!

This photo is from my own garden. I had seen in a magazine, where they lined their flower beds with saucers! Yes, saucers! I have found these at yard sales, and flea markets for .25 - .50 each.

I think they look so cute. One of my husband's friends had asked if we were growing dishes! The bike planter I had picked up a few years ago in Michaels, and I had a 40% off coupon. Yippie!!

It was a green color, and had started to rust. So, I gave it a coat of fresh white paint, and I like it better! (forgot to get a picture of the back) lol

This is a vintage aluminum coffee pot! I had seen in a magazine, where they used all kinds of different things in the garden to plant in. This had no lid, and I didn't need it anyway, so I got it really cheap. Hubby drilled some holes in it for drainage, and here it is. The black handle blends in with the driveway. I have had people drive down the street, and stop and look at it pointing. lol I hope they don't think I am nuts.

On the back of my bike I have a vintage aluminum pot also filled with flowers.

So look around your home, at garage sales or flea markets, and see what kinds of neat things you can find to plant in. Thanks for coming by for a visit! I am joining Cindy of for Show and Tell Friday, and Tracie of for Garden Thursdays.