Monday, September 21, 2009

A Teddie Bear Tea Party

Hi, and welcome to Tea things Tuesday, hosted by Thank you Kim for hosting this for us. Please join me for a Teddie bears tea party! My hubby bought me this sweet set of Teddie bears for my birthday, along with this adorable little table and chairs. It is displayed in my living room in front of a side table that my dad made. It holds two gorgeous dolls, that I will save for another day to show you.
My dear mother-in-law made this sweet little doily for me, and it fits perfect on my little table. I purchased the tea set from Home Interiors many years ago. I had it displayed on my daughters dresser when she was little. She is all grown now (18), and I miss being able to put all these cutsie girl things in her room. *sigh* However, my hubby doesn't mind all my pink pretties throughout the house. Bless him!

Here is a pretty teapot for one. If your not familiar with these, the bottom is the teacup, and the top is the teapot. Help yourself to some tea, and a little treat. The roses are the last from my garden, deliciously pink and sweet smelling. I set them in this pretty roses creamer, that I bought so cheap in a thrift store. Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit. thanks for stopping by, and please visit again. Don't forget to stop by Kim's to see some more pretty tea things.


Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

That is so sweet. Love the little teaset and teddy bears! Fun to have memories behind them.

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

Thank you for the lovely tea party this morning. It is just wwhat I needed. I loved seeing all your pretty things.
♥ Rebecca

bj said...

What a sweet post...
xo bj

Duchess of Tea said...

Hello darling, I am here to introduce myself to you as a new member of Tea Things Tuesday. I am delighted to join a group of amazingly talented ladies who like me enjoy the ceremony of tea. Today I posted my first TTT and I am looking forward to many more Tuesdays. What an adorable post you have for your TTT. It made me laugh to read your comment of “My dear mother-in-law “now that is a term of endearment you rarely hear these days, it seems every bride dislikes her mother-in-law. It is nice to hear someone does… good for you!!! You must both be kind and special. I looked for a follower button but didn’t see one and couldn’t join your followers, if you do add one in the future, I will be sure to join. I have add your blog to my blog-roll.

Have a marvelous Tuesday.

Love & Hugs

Shabby Kim said...

Oh my Debbie. That is just the most darling little tea set from which your teddy bears are enjoying their tea. So cute and I love how you've used the crocheted doily for a tablecloth. What a wonderful idea.

Michele said...

What a sweet post!! I also wanted to tell you that I I LOVE the watering can you posted a pic of a few posts down for a Pink Saturday!! It's gorgeous!!!

Thanks so much!!
Michele R.(CA)
Luvkittysmeowmail at Gmail dot com
Butterfly Whispers

Sarah said...

Cute little tea setting. I'm happy to know about Tea Things Tuesdays. I'll have to join in sometime soon. Thanks for stopping by to visit and for sharing this sweet post. ~ Sarah

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

That is just precious. And your tea set and roses are so pretty. I hate to see the summer flowers go. laurie