Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Love Homemade Cards!

I have received my first Christmas card of the season today, from a dear blogging friend in Pa! It is a handmade card, and I love it! I love how she made the snowflake pattern on the front, and the little cutout skates. I have to figure out how to do that technique! Thanks Leeann!


Kim K. said...

What a beautiful card. Your blog header is gorgeous. Such a splendid tree.

Mystica said...


Tammy's in Love said...

I love the impression on the cardstock; maybe we could all have a little tutorial! There is something magic about the first card of the year isn't there?

Leann said...

Wow that was fast! I used an embossing folder and a big shot machine to emboss the front of the card giving the snowflake effect.

Enjoy the blessings of the season!

Creative Breathing said...

Oh my goodness what a beautiful tree and wreath in your header photo! Truly, there are rose here to see.
Thank you for stopping by Creative Breathing. Yes the garland easily lies flat in a box. I have made similar garlands in the past. I also store paper garlands from the closet rod in my craft room as there isn't anything else hanging. Elizabeth


Very pretty and beautiful Christmas banner!
The first card is special! I must get mine addressed and out soon!
Thanks for the visit!

Di Lewis said...

Just Dianna again..I couldn't figure out how to follow you. I ll try back! Really love your charming home.