Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let's Get Sentimental

Hi Everyone! I have not been around in blogland much, posting that is. I have been in kind of a funk with this dreary weather. It is times like this, when I will bring out the greeting cards and pictures, and go through them and reminisce. Are you a card saver? I don't save every single one, but I do have a hatbox filled with them, and they are seperated into bags according to the occasion. These here in this picture, are cards from my daughters. I love the sentiments that they write in them.

Of course I love the homemade ones too, that they had made on the computer when they were younger, like the one above. Look at the pretty roses she selected, and the mice taking a bath in a teacup? It is sooo me!!

These are from my parents, who are in Heaven now. I cherish these. The one on the right is 40 yrs old, from my first Mother's Day!

Let's not forget the cards from the grandchildren! This envelope was addressed to me from my grandson who just turned 18! Love the printing, and the sweet cards, signed from "My Little Man". That is what I used to call him.
This is a card that my eldest daughter made for my husband on Father's Day. I love how she taped 2 50 cent pieces to it. This card is about 35 yrs old. Priceless.
These are cards from special friends. Love this card on the left, it's so me. What makes this one also special, is that I picked almost the same card for her as well. (we think so much alike ;)  The birthday fairy has a special sentiment written inside also, and has great sound effects. It still makes me giggle!
These cards on the left are all from friends near and far. They have special sentiments written in them. 

Lastly, these are cards I have saved from my beloved hubby. I have many, many cards. One of my favorite artists is Kim Anderson. She depicts children dressed up, and usually the boy is always in a suit. Just adorable.
So, are you sentimental too, saving cards to overflowing? If you do, take them out, and read them, and relive some happy memories! 
Thanks for coming by for a visit, and I promise, I am going to try and post more!


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...


I think it is wonderful you saved your special cards. I usually remake mine cutting them up and repurposing them into another card or scrapbook it or just toss..........I have kept my hubs cards but that's about it.

I have saved beautifully handmade ones, though.

I wish I would have kept it all but I am just so disorganized I just have to let things go or go insane.

I hope your pretty sentiments helped cheer you up. Gloomy is tough to deal with for too long, that's for sure.

I tend to pick myself up with fresh flowers in a room - works every time.

Kim K. said...

It's been a long winter. I'm secretly ready for spring and fresh blooms. Wishing you a happy weekend. Beautiful cards. Extra hugs.