Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where Did I Park the Car?

Hi Everyone! I have had some back problems lately, and the MRI results say I have a herniated disk. So I wasn't able to make any of the parties lately in blog land. I'm feeling much better today, and I figured I'd just share a funny story with you.

Hubby took me to the grocery store, and dropped me off in front, so I wouldn't have to walk too far. He went and parked the car. We did our shopping, came out of the store, and hubby said "you wait here and I'll bring the car over" I said okay, and off hubby trotted with the shopping cart. I waited.. And Waited........hum, hum and waited............ What seemed like about 15 min passed by, and here comes hubby...........walking by again.......with the shopping cart still filled with groceries, waving hello, then shrugging his shoulders like " I don't know where the car is". He walked up and down a few isles, and couldn't find it, so I guess he figured he's start from square one. I had to giggle. He walked off with the cart again, and I could see just ahead of him, almost directly in front of where I was standing, the CAR. Oh man, I hope he sees it this time. Too funny. Now, I have that thingy that goes on your key ring, and sometimes when I can't find the car, it comes in very handy. The car does make a loud beep, til you hit the button again.

But, hubby doesn't like that "thingy" and says, I know where the car is, I don't need it. Yeah, like they always know where they are going too, right? The same thing happened when I visited a dear friend in Fla in April. The weather was beautiful when I left the Tampa airport. I arrived in NJ, to rather chilly temps, and a gusty wind. Hubby and 18 yr old daughter pick me up at the airport. Hubby said to daughter when parking at the airport, "Now remember where we parked". What????? We come out of the airport, and daughter says, the car is over this way dad.
Hubby goes off again, trotting this time with my suitcase on wheels instead of the shopping cart.
Daughter follows him, and I am trotting behind. Hubby gets to the end of the isle, and trots back. Nope it's not down there. Meanwhile, we are getting blown away by the wind. We proceed down the next isle, me trotting behind. Nope, not down there either. Okay, I find shelter in a little entrance to the airport. Hubby goes one way, daughter goes the other way. I wait.........and wait............and wait..........Oh here comes hubby, still dragging the suitcase behind him, hair flying in the wind. I look in the other direction, and here comes a blonde head. Is it my daughter? Wait, she is coming toward me, and then........gone. Where did hubby go? Oh he went in the other direction. If he finds the car, now how will she find him? Oh man, what a circus. I had to laugh, if only you could have seen it. It was like something from a Three Stooges Movie. Turned out, the car was over about 5 isles from where they thought they parked it. Well, that was my funny for today. Have a great weekend!



Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

ROFL! I can get a very vivid picture of him trotting around the parking lot pushing the grocery cart (and pulling your suitcase at the airport)!

Remember when cars had radio antennas and "old" people would attach flowers to them? I always thought it looked dorky but I guess this is a prime example of why they did it! Since most cars don't have that type of antenna anymore, I suppose I could send you one of those sports flags with the suction cups and you could suction it to the car roof. He should be able to spot that a mile away. How about a Tampa Bay Bucs flag??? Lol!

bj said...

Hi, Debbie..Oh, my...and I thought only women did this!! haha..
Once, a million years ago, I took my two little kids to 6 Flags. We were all excited, jumped out of the car, never noticing where we were parked. After a day of fun, we got ready to leave...couldn't find our car if my life depended on it. Took 2 solid hours and we finally found it. I mean, I was the adult here and....I was lost.
I LOVE THAT THINGY on my car key, I can find that sucker a lot quicker!! tee hee....
xo bj

Mary said...

Hilarious! I use the "thingy" to find my car all the time! I tell my kids that the first thing to go as you age is the memory, and I'm living proof that it's true! I like Shari's idea to put a flower on the antenna, if only we still had them! Great story...loved it!!! I have to go back and look at your previous post...did I see a teacup???

bj said...

Hi, Debbie..just checking in to see if you are feeling better.
Take good care..
xo bj