Friday, December 14, 2012

Decking the Halls Pink Saturday

Hello everyone! Welcome to another fun Pink Saturday with Beverly from

Today I wanted to share with everyone a cute craft idea that I made last year. They are plastic cups, decorated with little miniatures. You can hang them from a tree, or just use them as little snowglobes.

Items you need:

short plastic wide cups (I got mine in Walmart)

assorted miniatures (I also used foam pieces from Micheals)

assorted flowers stems (trees)



felt or material for top (If hanging)

cording for hanging (if hanging)

hot glue

scrapbook paper or coasters for bottoms

Cut a circle with your scrap paper or coaster, a little bigger than the cups bottom. You can use a scalloped edge scissor if you wish.

Start arranging your items on the paper the way you like them.  I also used bits and pieces of flower picks. I made gold lights from some gold things I picked off of them. Little pieces of greenery substituted for little trees. Just use your imagination. Take your cup, and measure a piece of felt or fabric, to cover the top of the cup.  If you wish to make it an ornament, you will need to make a hole in the top of the cup, and insert  cording up through the bottom into the hole. Secure with hot glue from inside the cup.  After you have it arranged to your liking, put a small amount of hot glue around the bottom of the cup, and set in on top of the arrangement. You can put something on the top if you wish, or leave it plain. I love them, and there are so many ways you can decorate them. I want to make some for Easter too. Now, I was visiting sweet Kim over at and she has made some using plastic wine glasses!! Too cute! I love her version too! So there you have it. If you have any question just e-mail. Thanks for coming by. If you make some I would love to see them! Send me pics! Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to visit sweet Kim. She is always  coming up with the greatest ideas!

Merry Christmas!


Kim K. said...

Super cute. Aren't they addictive? I find myself looking at things in my craft room wondering if they would fit in my snowglobe.

LV said...

A great idea and you did very well on yours. The pink tree is gorgeous.

Vicki said...

Hi, Debbie, and what a great idea for Christmas decorations. Thank you for sharing this. I am wishing you and your sweet family a very happy Christmas and the best of new years. Love and blessings to you~Vicki

Leann said...

Ohhh love the idea of using plastic glasses!!!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...
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Patti said...

I love your sweet ornaments! My mother made some similar for me in the 70's with plastic wine glasses. I love them!