Friday, June 26, 2009

Pink Saturday

Hello everyone! This is my first Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly of I wanted to share with you the teacup pincushions I made a few yrs ago. I found the idea in the Romantic Homes magazine, and I just fell in love with them. I have seen many other items used to make these also, such as a baby shoe, or a creamer, just use your imagination. The flowers, made from wired ribbon, I learned to make from a book my mother in law had given me. Although I couldn't seem to follow their directions exactly to make them, I fiddled around with them until I got them the way I wanted them to look. What makes it fun is, you can embellish them with whatever you wish. Vintage buttons, and pieces of vintage jewelry, lace, and charms. I found this pair of old sewing scissors at a garage sale, and just set them on the saucer.

This little one is my favorite one. The cup is just so cute! I found this little bone china cup in an antique shop for $4.00. It is stamped Germany on the bottom, so I grabbed it up! These flowers I made with just some organdy ribbon, and used a gathering stitch, until it resembled a circle.
I was planning to sell them on e-bay, but I decided to keep them. Thanks for coming by and visiting!

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Blogger and a Cloche Party

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by! I have been reading so many wonderful blogs for some time now, and I have met some really wonderful people. I was sitting on the fence for quite awhile trying to decide if I should make one of my own. Well, today I was visiting, and Marty is hosting a cloche party! I thought wow, I would love to participate in this. So, with the help of a dear friend (whom I have met in blogland), I scrambled and put this post together. First up is actually an apothacary jar I have filled with pieces of vintage lace. they were given to me by my dear mother in law, and I thought this would be a nice place to display them.

Here we have a real birds nest, that I was so happy to find in my back yard. It must have fallen out of a tree. It was nice and clean, and just so perfect. Like a work of art. I sprayed it with polyurethane to preserve it. The little eggs are wooden, and I painted them a robins egg blue. I speckled them with a little bit of brown paint on an old toothbrush. The little bird next to it, I found in a thrift shop. He is bone china, and I think I paid 1.00 for him.

Next is another cheap find from the thrift shop. It is very small, and I think it is meant to go in some type of holder that uses a votive candle. I decided to put some pretty buttons in it, and put a little plate with roses under it. I wish you could see the detail on this pretty little plate I found at an outdoor flea market for about $3.00.

This is a big cloche I purchased at Home Goods. This was about $7.00, and my teacups fit perfectly underneath it, and keeps them clean.

I look forward to many more fun parties to join. Hope you liked my ideas, and thanks so much for coming for a visit.