Monday, April 30, 2012

Miniature Home Gardens

Hello everyone! It's been a lovely couple of spring days here on the East Coast, and I have been doing some gardening. I'm joining in over at Shannon's Cozy Home Party! thanks Shannon! What makes my home feel pretty and cozy are flowers indoors and out! I have discovered these miniature gardens that are just toooo cute! You can customize them however you would like.

Start with a flower pot, basket, or the bottom of a tera cota pot works well. You can use gravel for fishbowls, and little rocks can be found in craft stores. Tiny shells, little fences, little watering cans........

Whatever suits your fancy. The pretty colored rocks can also be found in craft stores. Small plants are recommended, and I even read you can use weeds! Yes, I have found some little weeds in my garden, with little flowers on them. I plan on using those when I make mine.

You can even make it rustic looking if you would like. Now, I found a site on the web called They will explain how to get started, and they even sell some of the miniatures if you would like. Little bird baths, little tiny chairs and the pretty gates and trelleses shown here. This one in the basket is so creative. You can even use doll house miniatures if you want to.

Use your imagination, and make several. It is almost like playing with a dollhouse, setting it all up.

I think this one is set up in a tera cotta bottom. Look at the cute little urns they have here.

I think this one is my favorite! Maybe because of the pink chairs?? Hummmm......... I love the stone they use too. They also have this stone on the web site. I did see some nice stones in Micheal's also.

This is a really cute one too, with the little garden hat. I love the tiny little flower pots! On the website, they also have fairies for your gardens too. Have fun with it! Thanks for coming by!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet and Romantic

Hello Everyone! It's time once again for White Wednesday fun with Today, I am sharing some pretty romantic whites. Books without their covers are so popular today.

Sweet, sweet, sweet romantic lace!! I am swooning over these pretty pieces!

There is just something about beautiful light, dancing on the curtains on a pretty spring day. Bringing with it, soft breezes, and the sweet smells of the flowers in the garden.

So calm, and soothing. Ahhhh.............

thanks for stopping by! Be sure to visit Faded Charm for more pretty whites. I am also joining in

over at for Pearls and Lace Thursday.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Pink Saturday

Hi girlfriends! It is time once again for pink Saturday! I'm joining in with Beverly from How Sweet The sound. I love the pretty pastel colors of spring! Today I am sharing some random pics of some of the pretty things I have found out and about. This first picture I am just in love with. Now where can I find one of those tubs!

Pretty pastel ruffled crepe paper. Perfect for crafting. I made some pretty baskets with them.

This photo, I found over at Sugar Sugar. She has the most delicious collections! How adorable is this shelf space with all this eye candy in there!! Vintage wallpaper, and all kinds of goodies! YUM!

Pretty trims all in a row.

Bubble gum ice cream with sprinkles!

Take a look at this eye candy! What an adorable nursery! Just darling!

Love all of these sweet little books.

I squeeled when I saw this little lamb planter. There is just something about these little baby planters that I just love! Even better that it's a lamb!!

Hope you enjoyed your visit. Please be sure to visit Beverly's for more pink fun!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Bunny Hop

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be joining in the Spring Easter bunnjy Hop over at There are also 3 othr blogs participating. Judy @ DiY Design, At Sutton Place, and At The Picket Fence. Thanks so much ladies for putting this together for us!

I have shown this Easter bunny party last year, but when the bunnies heard about a new party, they were so ready to do it again! They couldn't wait to show off their new outfits! Here on the left is Tori Tearose, and on the right Rosie Rosebud. These are from the Bearington collection.

Here, we have Mackenzie on the left, and Tia Rose on the right. Her dress is full of rosebuds!

They had fun creating little goodies for their party. Tia made the chocolate chip pizza.

They all helped making the chocolate bunnies, eggs, ducks, lambs, and chicks! They made the little baskets too!

Here are some of the teacups they used.

I think this one is my favorite. She has such personality, she wanted to get into another photo!

Hope you enjoyed your visit to the bears, and bunnies tea party! Please be sure to visit the other participants! Have a wonderful Easter and spring everyone!