Sunday, August 18, 2013


I am sure we have all wondered at one time or another, why we dream and what do they mean. Our dreams can be realistic or fantasy. Dreams nurish our souls, make us feel happy, contented, and enable us to be more compassionate and loving.

Realistic dreams can help us strive to meet our goals (ie new house, better job, etc) and work hard to achieve them.

Fantasy dreams are happy thoughts, memories of loved ones, living or deseased. They are private. Hidden in a little corner of our minds that no one else may enter or take away from us. We  can close our eyes and pretend to be anywhere or with anyone we want to, feel the embrace of a loved one, or imagine their voice.

It's the very thoughts that enrich our souls, and help us to relax after a hard day. Dreams are a wonderful part of life! ZZZZZZZZ...............