Sunday, August 18, 2013


I am sure we have all wondered at one time or another, why we dream and what do they mean. Our dreams can be realistic or fantasy. Dreams nurish our souls, make us feel happy, contented, and enable us to be more compassionate and loving.

Realistic dreams can help us strive to meet our goals (ie new house, better job, etc) and work hard to achieve them.

Fantasy dreams are happy thoughts, memories of loved ones, living or deseased. They are private. Hidden in a little corner of our minds that no one else may enter or take away from us. We  can close our eyes and pretend to be anywhere or with anyone we want to, feel the embrace of a loved one, or imagine their voice.

It's the very thoughts that enrich our souls, and help us to relax after a hard day. Dreams are a wonderful part of life! ZZZZZZZZ...............


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Little Fairies of the Night


If you were lucky enough as a child to live where the fireflies dwelt, surely you remember chasing after them, hands cupped in eager pursuit. When I was a child, we called them lightening bugs. As night fell, they were everywhere, ascending from the dewy grass in waves and spirals. If you were quick and clever, the firefly was that one magical thing you could hold in your own small hand.

You had to have a firefly jar, its lid pierced with air holes, to keep them in temporary  captivity. We would include a few blades of grass and a twig or two to make them feel at home while we watched up close as their mysterious lights flashed on and off. I can remember keeping my firefly jar in a darkened bedroom, watching it glow until my eyes grew heavy with sleep.

I hope to never outgrow my delight in these little lantern-bearers of the insect world – I wish every child the chance to hunt them on a mild summer’s eve. Unfortunately, firefly populations are on the decline around the country and around the world.

They are disappearing from our marshes and fields, our yards and woodlands. Researchers aren’t exactly sure why, but development that paves over these formerly open spaces and light pollution that interferes with their flashing lights, a form of insect communication, are thought to be two causes.

It would be a shame if they faded away, since lightening bugs are not only a child’s delight, but fascinating little creatures in their own right. Science has an abiding interest in these endearing little insects, Researchers use the firefly’s luminescence to track energy exchanges in human cells, a key tactic in the study of heart disease, cancer and muscular dystrophy. The highly efficient ‘cool” light these insects emit hasn’t been duplicated in any commercially available light source – even the energy -saving fluorescent bulbs and LED lights come in a poor second. Chemicals known as luciferase and luciferin (why the devilish names?) are responsible for the firefly’s glow. Why do fireflies glow? It is the females that flash to alert the males that they are ready to mate.

Early or late, my heart still lurches upward when I first see the little fairies of the night rising skyward. Do you have fireflies in your area, and are you taken back to your childhood when you see them?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Pink Saturday

Hi everyone! Hope you all are enjoying this nice spring weather in your little corner of the world. We are going to have thunderstorms today though. Oh, well April showers bring May flowers. For today, I want to share with you a beautiful card that my dear mother-in-love made out of tatting. For those of you that don't know what tatting is, it is a form of intricate lace work done with fine thread and a shuttle.

These are some of my mother-in-loves shuttles, and just a few of her many threads. She  tried to teach me to do it, but I just couldn't seem to get the right knack of it.

This card she recieved from dear father-in-law for Mother's Day one year, had a pattern on it that looked just like tatting.

She copied the picture almost exactly, and made one out of tatting!

Here are the two side by side.
I wonder how many hours it took her to do it, but I love it!! Truly a work of art!
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Pink Saturday

Hello Blogerettes! There is some nasty weather going around the US this week. Storms everywhere! Some states are even still having snow. We are just having some heavy wind and rain. So, I figured I would stay cozy inside, and paint some eggs with watercolors.

I love how they turned out. First, they are blown out. I used a large hat pin to poke holes in each end. Make one hole just a bit bigger than the other. Blow on the smaller hole, and be patient. I also used the hat pin to gently poke up inside the egg, and break the yoke. Then, I gave them a coat of white acrylic paint, to absorb the colors. So fun!

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter Pink Saturday

Happy Easter to all my Peeps!!  I wanted to share with you, a little Easter house they my dear mother-in-love had created many years ago from needlepoint. Each Easter when she would put it out, I would ooh and ahhh over all the cute things she put out with it. When she downsized and moved, she gave it to me!! I was so thrilled with it!
 She also made the tiny little baskets in the front, on the left and right. Check out the little quilled flower boxes she made under the little window.

Last year, I had gotten some letters to spell out NEST. I have seen a lot of wooden letters in blogland, especially ones that spell out Eat Cake. I love it! My family couldn't quite understand the concept of this, and decided that maybe it was a game to see what you could make out of the letters.

Shortly after I put up the display, this is what I found! lol I had to admit it was pretty funny. Later, they had also made SENT......oh, let me tell you, they had a ball when I put up scrabble letters at holiday time!

On the right side of my little vignette, is my Easter tree. I bought these darling little Easter tags from Annettes Paper Bistro. They are just the cutest! She makes so many nice cards, and tags. Her work is perfect. Every attention to detail, and most of them have machine stitching on them. She also does custom orders.

Another closeup of the Easter house.
Here are some Easter baskets that my friend and I made from  Dole fruit cups. They are easily painted, and can be decorated in so many fun ways. You can spray paint them or leave them clear. We used pipe cleaners for the handles.
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Friday, March 15, 2013


Hello peeps! This post is about the Easter kind of peeps! The sweet cute little confections, made by the Just Born Candy Company in 1953. They celebrate 60 years this year! When peeps first started out, they were chickens. In 1953, it took 27 hours to make one peep. Now, it takes 6 minutes.

Little squishy chickens made of fluffy marshmallow, corn syrup, and sugar. Yeah, lots of sugar! They are the staple in almost every childs Easter basket. Of course you have to have jelly beans too.

So what is it about these sweet little confections that we love so much?  Well, for one thing they are just plain cute! When they were first made they only came in yellow. Now, you can find them in yellow, blue, pink, purple, green, and yes even orange. Not only do they come in the pretty colors, they also come in bunnies, and many other forms, for other holidays too. Stack them on a lollipop stick, wrap in cellephane, and  you have the cutest gift. Put them in a vase for a pretty table decoration.

How cute is this idea?  Use the peeps color of your choice, and mix and match them with jelly beans, and put some flowers in the middle. Stack your peeps, and jelly beans in, then add another smaller container in the middle for your flowers. Easy peasy, and so pretty and festive!
How about a wreath made of peeps? Too cute!!
How about some peep smores?
Who wouldn't love to see these on the dessert table at Easter? Too cute!!
There are people that take their peeps very seriously, like the person that embellished a car from top to bottom, in peeps!!
They have all kinds of things made to look like our favorite peeps, like these sweet stuffed ones. Check out this website for more peep fun!  Click here to find all kinds of gifts for the baskets!
Some people prefer to eat their peeps stale, like myself. Make a slit in the cellephane, and let them sit a day or two. PERFECT! Some  like them fried, frozen, or microwaved. So, how do you like prefer to eat your peeps? thanks for coming by for a visit!
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

She's A Wackadoodle

I just had to share this funny story with everyone. Recently, I visited my dear friend Shari in Florida. We met in blogland, and became fast friends. This is my 3rd time visiting her, and we had lots of fun girl time. I stayed in my usual pretty girly guestroom, and she and her hubby generously allowed me to use their master bathroom, adjacent to their master bedroom.

Now, they have a cat, named Itty Bitty Kitty. Bitty for short. Bitty is a pretty girl, but not much of a people person. However, on several occasions, I was able to win her over, and she would come by me for a quick pet.

One night, after her hubby had already gone to bed, my friend and I were having one of our girly chats. Afterwards, I tiptoed quietly into the bathroom to get ready for bed. I quietly shut the door, and proceeded to use the potty. I turned around and just as I was about to "take care of business" there right in front of me was "the kitty". With her being skittish as it is, here is the poor kitty trapped inside the bathroom with a stranger. I gently put my hand out so she could smell me, and very quietly tried to "explain" that she would have to wait a minute, and then I would let her out. Meanwhile, on the other side of the opposite door that leads to my friends bedroom, her husband is listening. Half a wake and half asleep, he is hearing this voice, whispering, and talking silly to the cat. Hi Bitty, whatcha doing in here. Just wait a minute and miss Debbie will let you out. ok? He sits up in bed, and again here's this voice coming from the bathroom. He couldn't make out what I was saying exactly, but he concluded, Yup, I knew it!!! She's a Wackadoodle!! She's in the bathroom talking to herself. LOL! He had no idea that I was talking to the cat, because,  when he went to bed, the cat was sleeping right next to the bed. A few seconds later, when I let the cat out of the bathroom, she said goodnight with a MEOW, and her husband realized I was talking to the kitty. I'm sure he breathed a sigh of relief.  Bitty likes to hide underneath the sink, where there is a shelf. That's why I didn't see her when I first when in.  We had a good laugh about it the next day. Darn near gave her hubby a heart attack!!