Friday, March 15, 2013


Hello peeps! This post is about the Easter kind of peeps! The sweet cute little confections, made by the Just Born Candy Company in 1953. They celebrate 60 years this year! When peeps first started out, they were chickens. In 1953, it took 27 hours to make one peep. Now, it takes 6 minutes.

Little squishy chickens made of fluffy marshmallow, corn syrup, and sugar. Yeah, lots of sugar! They are the staple in almost every childs Easter basket. Of course you have to have jelly beans too.

So what is it about these sweet little confections that we love so much?  Well, for one thing they are just plain cute! When they were first made they only came in yellow. Now, you can find them in yellow, blue, pink, purple, green, and yes even orange. Not only do they come in the pretty colors, they also come in bunnies, and many other forms, for other holidays too. Stack them on a lollipop stick, wrap in cellephane, and  you have the cutest gift. Put them in a vase for a pretty table decoration.

How cute is this idea?  Use the peeps color of your choice, and mix and match them with jelly beans, and put some flowers in the middle. Stack your peeps, and jelly beans in, then add another smaller container in the middle for your flowers. Easy peasy, and so pretty and festive!
How about a wreath made of peeps? Too cute!!
How about some peep smores?
Who wouldn't love to see these on the dessert table at Easter? Too cute!!
There are people that take their peeps very seriously, like the person that embellished a car from top to bottom, in peeps!!
They have all kinds of things made to look like our favorite peeps, like these sweet stuffed ones. Check out this website for more peep fun!  Click here to find all kinds of gifts for the baskets!
Some people prefer to eat their peeps stale, like myself. Make a slit in the cellephane, and let them sit a day or two. PERFECT! Some  like them fried, frozen, or microwaved. So, how do you like prefer to eat your peeps? thanks for coming by for a visit!
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Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

Great ideas Will make a couple things
Have a fun week end

Musings from Kim K. said...

Chocolate dipped peeps are favorites at our house.


There is a "PEEPS" store in MN!!! YUP!
I like mine a little "hard" too!
They are sure happy little candies.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What great ideas!! I especially love the wreath!!


Faye said...

I have always loved peeps! I prefer mine a little hard too.

Anonymous said...

I must confess, I am a peepaholic. :) Can't get enough of them. Yummy post.
Happy pinks and patty's.

Tammy's in Love said...

Easter m&ms and pastel peeps...that says Easter basket to me! Dry the Peeps for at least a week for optimum chewy pleasure!

RobinfromCA said...

What a wonderful tribute to Peeps! I have a friend who loves her Peeps stale too so I always buy them for her, slit the cellophane top and wait a few days before I gift them! I think that centerpiece is adorable. might need to try that this year!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Very festive!

Hopping by from Pink Saturday. Hope you'd come and see my PINK
Your comment is always appreciated.

Calypso In The Country said...

Adorable Peeps ideas!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Who knew? There are some darling ideas here! Happy spring!

The Old Parsonage said...

Love all these cute ideas - they are a favorite of our Fireman's.

I love the smores idea!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

These definitely are the cutest peeps. Love them. Hugs, Marty

Lisa said...

Your post just made me smile! Peeps are adorable, and the tuxedo ones are so clever! Happy weekend from the enchanted oven.

Mom E. said...

Such fun ideas!
I think we are going to have to make a peep will be a Grab and Go sort of treat! LOL
My 16 year old daughter LOVES the idea!
Hugs toyou!

The Old Parsonage said...

Hi Debbie

Just popping by to wish you and your family a Happy Easter!

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