Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vintage Things Thursday

Hello, and welcome to another wonderful Vintage Things Thursday, hosted by Suzanne of Thank you Suzanne. Today, I am sharing some photos of my vintage dresser. Here are some of my vintage perfume bottles. The one right in the front was a gift for Christmas from my dear daughter. It is Victoria's Secret Cashmere. It's such a pretty delicate fragrance with a little hint of vanilla. Vintage buttons in the little glass jar. I love vintage buttons! This little cutie was a flea market find for $3. My dear friend, who is a great seamstress, made this little outfit for her. I love the touch of vintage lace! She is a composition doll and her eyes open and close.

Speaking of buttons, see the pretty pink buttons? I admired them on Lisa's blog, and asked if she sells them. Can you believe she just sent them to me as a gift? What a sweetheart she is. Please visit her blog, and check out all the beautiful vintage things she collects. This link will take you right there. Here are some little trinket boxes that I love to collect, and a larger glass trinket box, with a beautiful cherub on it. I have some vintage jewelry displayed in it.

I just flipped when I found these long vintage gloves at an antique shop. They have 2 sweet buttons on them, and are the sweetest shade of soft pink see through nylon. Please click on any picture to enlarge.

Another sweet find at an antique shop is this vintage bed jacket. Trimmed in the prettiest lace, and such a sweet shade of pink. Can you tell I love PINK!!! It was in perfect condition, and I think was about $12.

I adore this tiny little baby dress. I have several of these dresses, and just love to hang them in my bedroom. Thank goodness hubby doesn't mind at all. This looks to be hand made, and to fit a baby about 6 months old. I wonder about the babies that wore these sweet little dresses. the intricate detail is amazing!

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit. Please visit Susanne, and check out the other participants. It is snowing yet AGAIN here in central NJ. I am going to go visit the other bloggers, and make a pumpkin bread. Stay warm everyone!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vintage Thingies Thursday

Hello, and welcome to another Vintage Things Thursday hosted by Suzanne, Thanks Suzanne! I look so forward to this each week! I would like to share some of my vintage jewelry collection. Here is a pillow I have on my couch, and I started putting some vintage bling on it. (Please click on any picture to make it bigger, and get a better view of these lovely pieces.) I get so many compliments on this pilllow, and it allows me to look at them all the time, instead of them being hidden away. This little jewelry box and vintage pieces of jewelry, were a great find at an estate sale. I went with my friend, and we were in vintage heaven! She had so many pieces, and very cheap! A little tiny teaspoon pin, I couldn't resist.

Here is a closer view of 2 of the pretty necklaces I found! Lucious Aura Borealis stones on the one on the left.

Check out these shoe/dress clips. There is a little clip on the back, so they can either clip on your shoes, a suit, or purse. Just stunning! I also picked up the little footed trinket boxes on the left.

Aren't they just adorable?

This is a close-up of a goldtone mesh choker, and rhinestone earrings. Hope you enjoyed looking at some of my great finds. Now, don't forget to visit Suzanne for more fun vintage posts! Thanks for coming by for a visit!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Parties and Pink Saturday

Happy Valentines Day everyone! It's a party over at Lauries, and Joan's at Thank you ladies for hosting these great parties! I'm also participating in Pink Saturday at Beverly's of How Sweet The Sound. thanks Beverly! Come into my dining room, and see my valentine vignette. I love to decorate this buffet for each season. I tend to like shades of pink and cream/white for Valentines Day. Not too much into the bright reds. Here is a gorgeous vintage valentine that my dear mother-in-law made for me a few yrs ago. You can click on any picture to make it larger. She used a newer reproduction fold out card. I love the fabric she used for the background. Next to that is another reproduction fold up card. I just love cherubs!

The sweet little pink doll in this picture, was an e-bay find. She is in great condition, nice and clean, and I just love her bright blue eyes. The chocolate pot was also an e-bay find.

To the far right is a darling little pin cushion I made from a silver sugar bowl. This seems to be getting very popular these days. People are loving the creams and whites mixed with silver.

Have a chocolate, and on the table are some more goodies for you!

You have to try one of these pretty cupcakes. Ummmm, Yummy!

Don't these look to pretty to eat??

Here is a collection of vintage postcard Valentines. I just love these, and have collected a few over the yrs. Love the hat on this one! This has been used, and dates 1910 on the back. The card isn't showing it's pretty vintage patina in this photo.

This one also has been postmarked 1910.

I just adore this one! I wish I had a window like this! This is a Tucks card.

This one has a postmark of 1910, and doesn't show the pretty patina on it. It is addressed to Miss Anna Drost, Rice lake, Wisconsin.

This one I found on the internet. I just love it!

Thanks so much for coming by. Please take a little heart favor home with you! Please don't forget to visit Laurie, Joan and Beverly to visit the other participants! Have a wonderful Valentines Day!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pink Saturday

Hello, and welcome to Pink Saturday, hosted by Beverly of How Sweet The Sound. I am running a little late today. I have some pretty pinks to show you today of my friends home. Since we became friends several yrs ago, and learned my love of shabby chic, and pinks, she too, has become to love the look. She has found many of her pretties on e-bay, thrift shops, and through some great people on etsy. She shares her "pink palace" with her 3 loving kitties, two of which you can see in the photo below. She recently adopted 2 of the kitties about 6 months ago, and they are very naughty sometimes getting into her things and knocking them over. She has been forced to tac a lot of things down with "fun tac", but the kitties still manage to "steal" a pretty, and sneak off to play with it. They are very entertaining. This is a beautiful mosaic table she filled up with some of her pretties. I love that glass rose hobnail dish in the front. A pretty faux cupcake from sweet Rhea, over at
Sweet and Shabby Roses. Here is another gorgeous mosaic shelf.

Now is this a tea party table or what? Click on any photo to enlarge them. This pretty dessert stand is filled with the cutest little faux dessert cakes.

Here we have the prettiest "cozies" I have ever seen. On the left is a "cozy" or cover for a water/beverage glass. On the right is the cover for the teacup. Just adorable, I have never seen anything like them. The little dish holds the sweetest faux cookies also from Rhea. The kitties really love these! lol

Here is another shelf with a pretty aqua theme. Everything has the prettiest pink roses, and the little girl figurines match perfectly. I will be showing some more of her pretties in another pink post. Thanks for coming by for a visit. Now be sure to hop over to Beverly's for more pink sweetness.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vintage Thingies Thursday

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Vintage Things Thursday, hosted by Suzanne, of Today, I would like to share some of my vintage dolls. First, I have my Ginny doll. She is from the 50's, and if you hold her waist, and put one foot in front of the other, she will walk and turn her head. She also has sleep eyes, and are the prettiest shade of blue. She had (at one time) red hair, and my sister had taken a pair of scissors to her, giving her a haircut. lol! She was nearly bald! I had taken her to a doll hospital several yrs ago, and had a new wig put on her, and bought her this pretty new dress. She is just darling, and I just love looking at her. I have a huge doll cabinet, that used to hold my dear father-in-laws cow creamers. We inherited the cabinet when he passed away in 1983. I can display the dolls in there, and they stay clean. Does anyone remember Tammy? This is mine from the early 60's. I had Tammy and Barbie, and my niece destroyed most of my collection. :( I kept everything pristine, and neat in the case, and I passed it down to her. I wish I still had it. I don't have any of the clothes for Tammy either accept what she is wearing here. I want to get the outfit called "school days" for her, but they are so expensive! I will just have to keep watching for one.

This next doll was given to me by my dear mother-in-law. She always went to garage sales and flea markets, and found the neatest stuff. I am not wild over this doll, but thought it was pretty funny. It is a Klumpe doll. Roldan and Klumpe dolls have a very specific and stylized look. They are made of cloth and felt, and were produced in Barcelona, Spain from the 1950s to early 1970s. Many of their dolls are tourist-oriented dolls of Flamenco dancers and Spanish ladies and men, but the companies also produced more unique and enchanting characters. She looks funny carrying her coat, poodle, hat box, and suitcase. From what I have read, they are pretty collectable now.

This little cutie I purchased at a thrift store. She was nice and clean and in good condition, so I picked her up for $2. Her eyes are a pretty shade of blue. They look like they are popping out in this picture. Pretty strawberry blonde hair, and a little piece of vintage millinary in her hair.

These are some vintage children's book's which I started to get hooked on from reading other blogs. lol! I thought the covers were just so sweet. I purchased these on e-bay. Unfortunately, there are no photos in them, which I was hoping for. One is from 1918, and the other from 1928.

I display them on my doll cabinet. Please stop over to Suzanne's to see the other participants, and their vintage treasures. Thanks for coming by!