Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vintage Things Thursday

Hi, and welcome to another fun time vintage things Thursday, hosted by Suzanne of Thanks Susanne!
Come for a walk with me down memory lane while I talk about some of the famous candy from the 50's and 60's! Here is the 3 layer coconut bar. In the store called Five Below here in NJ. Oh my goodness! I was so excited to find an image of this famous wax whistle! This was so popular at Halloween time in the 50's. They are calling it a Wowie Whistle! It was just like the wax lips you can still find today, only you could blow on this like a whistle. We kids of the Boomer years just couldn't get enough of them. They were wrapped in cellophane adorned with black cats, bats, and the like. That first whiff of the newly-unwrapped wax was heavenly. A Canadian candy company called Concord confections still produces the lips, and supposedly, even the Wowee Whistle.
Here is another wax-encased candy. Remember the Nik-L-Lip wax bottles? There was a sweet liquid inside.

Here are the ever famous Ju Ju Bees. I didn't care much for these. Tiny little chewy hard candies, that came in rainbow colors. To me, they all tasted mostly the same. Most stores still carry these. they were a favorite for eating at the movies.

We can't forget candy buttons! Little tiny pieces of candy, connected to strips of paper. You have to peel or bite them off, and almost always got some paper still stuck to it. Some places still carry them.

Here we have the wax lips! Loved these as a kid. We always got these at Halloween time. They still have these today. I don't know if they are as good as the ones we had as kids though.

The all time FAVORITE was Bonomo Turkish Taffy!!! We loved this as kids, and so did our dentists!!! lol! We would smack that boy down on a hard surface, and that baby would break into bite sized pieces. Pure heaven!! I have not seen this anywhere since the 60's, but I have heard rumors that Cracker Barrel restaurant has them! I have to check that out! Chocolate and vanilla were my favorites.

Now, I am sure a lot of you have heard of Wegmans' food store. They are here on the east coast.
I am not sure if they have them in the mid-west of west coast. They have all kinds of bins with many of the small penny candies we had as boomers. Here are the Maryjanes. The Bit-o-honey photo is a few pictures down.

Another store here in NJ is called 5-Below. I took these photos of the shelves inside the store. They have most of the retro candy right here! I couldn't believe it! Necco wafers you can find pretty much everywhere though.

The Clark bars, Zagnut, Mallo Cups, Oh -Henry's are all here! I loved Clark Bars. I remember, back in the day, I guess I was about 10. My mom didn't drive, and she loved her Kent brand cigarettes, and her True Story ladies magazine. She would give me money .35 for cigs, and .10 for 2 candy bars. She loved Almond Joy, and me the Clark bar. I would ride my bike down to the corner confectionery to buy our treats. Back then, I could buy the cigarettes too! I never smoked though, and so glad I never started.

Here is the Skybar! I never cared for that one much.

Loved Chuckles too! Also hard to find in most stores. Licorice, and cherry were my favs!

How about Baby Ruths?

Dots are still around, black crows not so much. I have seen them in most Walgreens stores though.

I also found candy cigs, mini Sugar Daddies,Tootsie Rolls, and mini Chicklets in my Five-Below store! I plan on getting some more, and put them in a candy jar on my kitchen counter. Well, I hope you enjoyed this little walk down memory lane. What are some of your favorites? Please go and visit Susanne for more vintage fun! Thanks for stopping by!


Linda said...

I sure enjoyed all the photos and stories of the candies. I remember all of those. Funny, what you said about the Mom used to give us money and write a note to the store to sell us her cigerettes....crazy!

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Hello my friend. What a fun post! So many fond memories here. :)

I remember most all of these candies with great fondness. Funny, I never cared for JuJu Bees either (or Gummy Bears in Kelly's time). But as I was reading, I was wondering if you were going to mention my ultimate favorite...Bonomo Turkish Taffy! Oh man, I loved that stuff and ate a TON of it, except between age 8 and 10 when I wore braces! I'm sure I made up for those 2 years when I got my braces off 'tho! That Laughy Taffy (ick!) they sell now can't even come close to comparing with the Turkish Taffy.

My how times change. Today we wouldn't think of letting our kids ride their bikes to the store alone, and the store clerks sure wouldn't dare sell cigarettes to a kid.

Pam said...

A local hospital has the Mallow Cups in their gift shop and I have been known to go out of my way to stop in there to pick some up. I do love Cracker Barrel though. They have a pretty good selection of some of the oldies.

The Paint Splash said...

Hi Debbie,nYour candies brought back a lot of memories. I used to buy most of them at Bud and Helens store on the way home from grade school. Have a blessed week. another, Debbie

Baubles Beads Books said...

Oh I'm hungry!!!!!