Friday, July 31, 2009

Family Heirloom Party

Welcome to my heirloom party hosted by For this party I would like to share with you, some things that belonged to my mother. I know these things don't have much monetary value, but to me they are priceless. I remember as a young girl watching my mom make recipes from her Betty Crocker cookbook. I also have her recipe box, with recipes that were written in her handwriting, and some from my maternal grandmother as well. At Christmastime, out came the recipe box, on a cold winter's night, and ingredients were measured carefully in these aluminum measuring cups. These are the bowls she would mix the batter in to make our favorite cookies. I remember the house all decorated for Christmas, and the wonderful scent of cookies filled the air. One of my favorite cookies were the Christmas tree wreaths. She would mix the batter in the big green Pyrex bowl, put it into the cookie press, and out would come the pretty green squiggled dough. We then decorated them with red sprinkles and pieces of cherries for a bow. Another favorite were the Molasses Crinkles. After the cookies were baked, she would put them in big cookie tins, and hide them in the dining room next to the buffet table. I loved to watch and help her bake.

She always would make our cakes for birthday's and picnics. For the frosting, she would use the red bowl. Of course I always had my fingers in the bowl afterwards, eating any leftovers, after the cakes were frosted. Another favorite she always made, was Tapioca pudding. So creamy, and fluffy, and we had that a lot for dessert.

This is her cake plate. A peek underneath always revealed a beautiful cake made from scratch, most likely with a little fingerprint in it from yours truly. My mom passed away in August of 1994. I miss her so much, and the times we would bake together. I have carried on the tradition with my own girls. I much prefer to bake than cook. On a cold snowy day, I still love to bake, and have fond memories of my mom doing so.

Thanks for coming for a visit, and sharing some of my favorite heirlooms! I'm a bit late in joining in, but I was having computer problems.



Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

OMG Debbie, the description of your memories of your mom, the recipes she lovingly baked, and the photos of her recipes, bowls, measuring cups etc., made me get all teary-eyed. It is obvious these items mean a great deal to you and I am so glad you have them to remember your mom by.

Mary said...

These are wonderful things because they bring back such wonderful memories of a loving mom! There's nothing dearer to my heart than memories of my mom...if only I had something of hers.

Ruth said...

This is such a lovely post! I'm late to the party too, and clicking around the more recent links. My mum's cook books and cake plates are things I won't be letting out of the family... you wrote about your collection beautifully. Nice to 'meet' you!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, just stopping by from the Heirloom party to say hello! What a lovely, heartfelt post :-) I love your header and all the roses, so beautiful!

Claudia said...

What sweet memories you've shared. I'm glad you have those things from your Mother that bring back such wonderful memories.

Rue said...

Hi Debbie :)

Your memories of your mom baking in the kitchen are beautiful. I love all your treasures. Your post made me all warm and fuzzy and yearning for snow ;)

Thank you for your sweet comment!!


Lady Katherine said...

Such a lovely memory of your Mother! I just told hubby this week, I remember the metal cake domes. Wish I could find one! Here it is!